Jay Hart on MCAlert – Introduction to the Program and What it Does

A New Way to Spread the Message

Residential communities often lack a cohesive method of relaying important information between its members. This can prove costly and even dangerous when it comes to important events that need to be shared as quickly and accurately as possible. Jay Hart realized this and came up with a solution to fix the problem.

My Community Alert, or MCalert, was founded by Captain Jay Hart a 30 year veteran of one of the largest Sheriff’s Dept.in South Florida in response to this need, and the system has quickly caught on in communities across the country. He recognized the necessity of the system while on patrol one day, realizing that gated communities, in particular, relied on slow and ineffective forms of communication that were not reliable in emergency situations or even when spreading simple news bulletins.

Nor is social media a reliable alternative according to Jay Hart, given the sheer volume of other noise on those platforms that could drown out and bury the important alerts.

Having already had a history of entrepreneurship while on the force, Hart launched his vision for community interaction without hesitation, hiring a programmer to set up a system that could instantly send important text messages and emails to thousands of community members.

How MCalert Works

MCalert is a cloud-based platform that allows designated community leaders to send messages within seconds to members of the community who have registered to receive them.

Messages typically include things like weather alerts, water safety advisories, missing pet or children reports, crime and scam alerts, local road closures, and notices or invitations to community events. The system allows for photos and videos to be attached to messages, greatly enhancing their effectiveness and proving indispensable in the case of helping people locate missing loved ones.

The platform charges a monthly fee to provide this service, which is based on the number of members in a given community. Those looking to receive alerts for their registered community simply sign-up at ww.mcalert.net and provide their personal information, including the info for the devices that will receive the messages. Members can just as easily opt out when they no longer want to receive alerts from the community.

There is no limit to the number of members that a community can have, nor is there a limit to the number of devices that each community member can register to receive alerts.

Other Uses for MCalert

While it started out solely as a platform for residential communities, the impressive utility of the MCalert system has since allowed it to expand into serving other markets as well.

On the business and education front, companies and schools can send alerts to their employees, customers, teachers, and students, informing them of the latest developments related to scheduling, products, or events. Sports organizations are also using the platform to reach out to fans with the latest promotions, event invitations, stats, and team news.

Beyond those specific uses, MCalert could be used in any number of other capacities to link people together under a single message-sharing umbrella, which should allow it to continue to grow in prominence in the years to come as those potential uses are tested and explored further.

For more information on Jay Hart and what inspired Jay to develop such an application please check out his interview with Inspirery.com.